A Board Member’s Role in Reimagining Strategy and Creating Organizational Purpose

This masterclass presents strategy as a leadership tool first and foremost, and not, as is often thought, a function or activity. Learnings from this course can help directors, including Independent Board Directors, to develop and implement successful strategies.

A Board Member’s Role in Reimagining Strategy and Creating Organizational Purpose


Section 172 of the Companies Act refers to a directors’ responsibility to consider the likely consequences of decisions for the long-term. To address this, a Board Director must understand and influence the company’s long-term strategy, directors’ decision-making and support the implementation of that strategy.

It is therefore the Board Directors’ role to provide a creative contribution to the board by providing independent oversight and constructive challenge to the executive directors around strategy and its execution. 

The pandemic has exposed many faults in the business world, with one of these being how strategy is used. Strategy has for some time been perceived as a concept, devoid of the day-to-day challenges of the business and the stakeholders upon which the success of the business depends. 

The reimagining strategy masterclass takes into account that strategy is, first and foremost, a leadership tool and not, as it often thought, a function or activity. It is part of the tool kit which every director, including Board Directors, should be equipped with, knowing not only how to develop strategy but also how to ensure its successful implementation. 

This session will set out to demonstrate that creating purpose, setting goals and choosing strategies that are relevant, customer focused, fact based and in the context of market reality, ensures every employee is engaged and able to contribute to the achievement of the goals. It will also seek to demonstrate the value of strategy in developing agility, resilience and a strategic mindset within an organization. Attendees will also come away with an understanding of how to identify opportunities and manage risk, build stakeholder engagement and stress test the business to survive, revive and thrive in the future.

Program curated and delivered by Dr Jeff Callander, Strategy and Leadership Coach, Advisor and Facilitator, University Executive Education Lecturer, Researcher & program director for Henley Business School. Small and diverse learning groups of up to 20 people from different backgrounds and industries Virtual and flexible teaching 4 hour modules set over 2 days to allow individuals to maintain attendance alongside CPD

Course content

Module 1

See strategy as a leadership tool, Learn how to critique a business strategy in order to identify opportunities and create value, Understand the purpose of a business strategy in the context of business and the organization in terms of both process and behavior, Learn how language and definitions used within a business can complicate strategy and how to avoid this, Understand the difference between goals and strategy and how this can either inhibit or motivate an organization.

Module 2

Learn what insight is and how it becomes the underlying platform for all business strategies, See how fact-based decision making accelerates decision making and energizes organizations, Understand the customer’s hierarchy of needs and how this can provide insight, Learn how to evaluate competitive sets and see how segmentation can aid in strategy development, Understand how to successfully externalize the organization to deliver the business strategy. 


  • This course is for Executive Directors, board members and aspiring board members

Learning outcomes

Delegates will develop leadership capabilities. Use strategy to provide clear leadership and direction to staff and stakeholders. Be able to develop compelling goals that drive successful strategy development. Become a key strategy architect in your business using insight as a foundation to sustainable strategies. Tear down the silos and barriers to success in the organization by developing fact-based behavior. Become a high value part of the customer’s value chain, increasing business and profitability. Ensure you have the right strategies that are competitive, unique and sustainable & create the environment which will enable implementation of your strategies

Use your understanding of the business strategy to influence the board and executive team Be able to analyze and develop strategic initiatives that drive the business
This course includes:
  • 2 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • 2 group sessions
  • Certificate of completion

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