Ahead of the Curve: Executives

The ultimate executive toolkit

Ahead of the Curve: Executives


As part of this seven week program, you will review your career successes and translate them into the attitudes, mindset and communication behaviors to support you both in the search for your desired executive role and in your effectiveness once in your new role.

Tailor-made to meet the demands of our clients who are facing career change and would like support to open up new opportunities to maximize their chances of success. Virtual delivery Diverse learning groups from a mixture of sectors and industries Real life case studies, examples and role play with handouts and exercises to take into the “real world”

Course content

8 Sections • Total hours 5hrs

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Module 1

Introductions & the principles of good corporate governance

Our first webinar provides an opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and to establish how we will work together virtually throughout the webinar program; along with agreeing your ways of working to maximize our time together productively.

Module 2

Change & transition

How do we adapt to changing circumstances & embrace them, navigate change with ease, create new opportunities and a dynamic new path in work and life? Dealing confidently with the barriers to a successful transition, this webinar is focused on how to develop a compelling vision and underpinning strategies as well as exploring new ways of behaving and communicating to achieve your goals and success.

Module 3

Self awareness - what makes you tick?

The foundations of any successful career are based on personal insight and self-knowledge. Here we focus on you, your strengths and your ways of working, and how can you quickly communicate your story and your personal value to build relationships and optimize opportunities when in networking Situations.

Module 4

Awareness of others – impact and influence

With your enhanced self-knowledge, here we explore how you can now use your understanding of different behaviors and ways of communicating to strengthen and adapt your communication style with people who operate differently. This is about tuning in to others and getting on their wavelength to have meaningful win, win, dialogue.

Module 5

Emotional intelligence

This session explores the mastery of emotional intelligence so that you can identify and manage your own emotions and in doing so influence the emotions and responses of others well. This is the realm of the authentic leader who uses great emotional intelligence skills to “be themselves with skill’. Understanding the key elements of Emotional Intelligence will enable you to create a plan for personal improvement to underpin your strategy for success.

Module 6

Your personal brand

More than ever today, clearly defining your personal brand as part of your Changing career focus is a critical success factor in a portfolio career. In this webinar we look at what you want to be known for, how others will perceive you, the value you add and how your brand can be a vital element in a business’s success.

Module 7

Your plan for success

Working in virtual groups, this webinar will pull everything together so that you use your new skills to develop a plan for your success. Through the contribution and feedback of fellow participants, we help you identify your key areas for change and an action plan for improvement. This provides the perfect consolidation for all of your learning, progress and actions to create a launch pad for moving forward with confidence and commitment.

Module 8

One to One Success Coaching


  • Are you wondering what else you should be doing to identify new roles to fit the plan for your career? How should you present yourself and What are employers really looking for? How do you impress and how do you get the right fit for you and for them? If you are looking for a supportive and informative framework to help you launch or improve your career, this will give you what you need.

Learning outcomes

You will work in an interactive and challenging way that is always thought- provoking, supportive and informative. Pre-work and engagement with others between webinars will ensure that you gain maximum benefit from the live sessions.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses as an executive to maximize your chances of success Present yourself in the best light for prospective employers
This course includes:
  • 5 hour on-demand footage
  • 10 articles
  • 15 downloadable resources
  • 10 group sessions
  • Certificate of completion

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