Board Bio

Build the foundation for landing your first (or next) board seat with our professional Board Bio service.

Board Bio


A board biography is an outline of your current and past career highlights, incorporating your credentials and accomplishments that highlight your unique value proposition and emphasize your board skills.

While you may already have plenty of experience writing an executive biography (likely multiple biographies), you now find yourself at a point in your career when you need to draft a board biography. 

A board biography is not the same as your executive biography; it should speak to your specific skills in relation to serving on a board, including elements such as leadership, mentoring, profit and loss responsibility, Governance knowledge, board exposure and management experiences. For some, this will also include speciality experiences like e-commerce, digital/technology, human resources, M & A and marketing.

Your board biography requires you to articulate the value you could bring to a company as a board member, which is where our expert writing team comes in. 

There is a huge amount of free advice available online  in the way of resume and board bio guides and tips, but the information is often conflicting and trying to work out what works and what doesn’t can be a risky task. Our professional writing service provides you with a tailored board bio that incorporates all of the information you need and gives you the best possible chance of success.

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  • Suitable for board members or aspiring board members, or those aiming to improve their online presence and personal branding

Learning outcomes

After placing your order with us, you will be assigned to one of our professional board bio writers who will then get to work gathering information and providing you with useful tips and advice for the process ahead. Our writers are trained in-house to understand the subtle difference between a good bio and a great one, meaning they are expertly placed to provide you with a perfect and professional board bio that gets results.

Your final draft will present your skills, experience and responsibilities immaculately in a clear and concise template, tailored directly toward your career goals as a board member. A board bio that is guaranteed to pass ATS optimization checks during application processes & highlights your core board competencies