Coaches Membership

The Coach Membership package is designed to enhance the skills of both aspiring and established executive coaches. Becoming a member provides you with a wide range of content and practical benefits that allow you to excel as an executive coach.

Coaches Membership


An executive coach works with professionals to help enhance their performance, achieve their goals and maximize their influence in the boardroom.

The Coach Membership package is designed to enhance the skills of both aspiring and established executive coaches. Selecting this membership package gives you instant access to a wide variety of resources and practical benefits that increase your likelihood of building and maintaining a successful career in coaching.

Live Networking - Our live networking events allow you to connect and converse with aspiring and established coaches to exchange your experience and knowledge. Exclusive Discounts - We offer a variety of services that are created to enhance your professional development as a coach. As a member, you are entitled to a 20% discount on each of our products. On-Demand CPD Accredited Training - Our on-demand accredited training modules provide you with digital credential badges that set you apart from your competition and can be displayed on your social media profiles.

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17 Sections • Total hours 50hrs

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Live Networking

Our exclusive networking events expose you to a wide network of like-minded professionals who may be the link to your next coaching client. These events allow you to connect with aspiring and established coaches, exchanging both knowledge and first-hand experiences in the process.

Live News Feed

Our live news feed includes a wide scope of news channels and member-led news stories that focus on current affairs every coach should be aware of. You can engage with posts and re-share relevant stories whilst also growing a community of coaching professionals who share similar interests.

Quarterly Group Coach Supervision

Our quarterly group coach supervision sessions provide you with the opportunity to receive expert supervision on your coaching techniques. In a small group of aspiring and established coaches, you will receive feedback, reflections and the chance to experience and learn from your peers’ individual coaching styles.

Monthly Podcasts

Our monthly podcasts are designed to help you gain expert insights from other successful coaches. Our podcasts are curated to provide professionals who are looking to excel as executive coaches with an experienced insight into the world of coaching.

On-Demand CPD Accredited Training

We offer a variety of accredited training modules that allow you to achieve digital credential badges that can be displayed on your social media profiles. These on-demand courses are updated quarterly to ensure there is always an opportunity to acquire increasingly sought-after skills that make you stand out as a coach.

Monthly events/topical webinars

Our live events provide you with an invaluable opportunity to learn more about trending topics and enhance your commercial awareness as a coach. Our expertly-designed webinars give you the chance to network and exchange perspectives with other like-minded professionals who can support you going forward.

Exclusive Member Discounts

Aside from our memberships, we offer a variety of services that are carefully designed to enhance your professional development. As a member, you are automatically entitled to a 20% discount on each of our products.


Our downloadable guides, checklists and infographics are crafted to help you excel as a coach. Updated quarterly, our downloadable resources provide a practical and active approach to learning and acquiring sought-after skills.

Live Forum & Live Messaging

Our live forums and messaging options provide you with an interactive opportunity to expand your connections and communicate with other executive coaches. Our live communication streams allow you to learn from your peers’ experiences whilst also sharing your own.

Partner Offers/Member Benefits

Choosing a Coach Membership gives you exclusive access to offers and discounts from selective partners and organizations that are updated on a quarterly basis. Amongst other benefits, this membership ensures you are protected by indemnity insurance as a coach, meaning you are covered in the event you make a mistake that negatively impacts your client.

Quarterly Blogs

Our blog posts allow you to discover expert insights and opinion pieces from other experienced professionals. Actual blogs are uploaded quarterly to provide you with fresh perspectives on current issues and events that can affect the operations of an executive coach.

‘My Learning' Record

Your ‘My Learning’ record allows you to build a portfolio of highly sought-after skills that will amplify your influence as a coach. Your record acts as a clear and concise folder of your completed accredited CPD courses, which are offered inclusive of your membership package.

Your Member Profile

Your unique member profile is visible to your peers on our network portal. Your profile can highlight your individual experience, expertise and achievements, and can be used to demonstrate your capabilities to potential clients.

Group/Collective Coaching

Our group coaching sessions help translate your career ambitions into reality. Receiving collective coaching allows you to develop your skills and become an indispensable asset to any board, whilst also networking with other professionals in your cohort.

Social Groups

As a member, you will have instant access to social groups that are formed based on demographics - this can include your course cohort, location, program, alumni, and so on. This allows you to engage with similar members, allowing you to receive support throughout your journey with us.

Actuate Talks

Actuate Talks are live recordings that you can watch throughout the course of your membership with us. Our talks, often hosted by experienced coaches, offer inspiring and practical perspectives on current events occurring across a multitude of industries.

DE&I Hub

Our Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Hub provides you with instant access to specialist educational content - such as videos and blogs - that focus on how you can promote ethical practices, equal opportunity and ensure you make fair decisions as a coach.


  • To benefit from this membership option you must be an Established coach or an Aspiring coach

Learning outcomes

Once you purchase your Coach Membership, you will gain instant access to a wide scope of learning opportunities and acclaimed services designed to provide you with practical resources and career-enhancing experiences. At Actuate, we are dedicated to ensuring you develop the skills needed to excel as an executive coach.

Choosing this membership package provides you with expertly-curated content and professional insights that allow you to enhance your knowledge and skills as a coach. As an Actuate member, you will gain access to a wealth of resources that will ensure you stand out when being considered by potential clients. We endeavor to equip you with the tools needed to build and maintain a fulfilling career in coaching. We have seen a large number of coaches meet their next client as a result of networking - that is why we ensure our members are provided with plenty of opportunities to engage and interact with other professionals. In the form of live events or digital communication streams, we aim to connect our members and encourage the transfer of skills, knowledge and experience. We strive to provide you with the most recent and relevant industry knowledge to ensure you are commercially aware when operating as a coach. Our members have access to a live stream of relevant information and news stories that help coaches make informed decisions when working with clients. Our Coach Membership not only provides you with the practical resources needed to enhance your coaching skills but also serves as a notice board for important situations arising in the world of business.
This course includes:
  • 50 hour on-demand footage
  • 20 articles
  • 20 downloadable resources