Corporate Governance and Risk Management for Board Members

This program is designed for board members who want a full suite of skills to provide active and constructive challenges within the boardroom, including in Governance, Risk, Audit and Strategy.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management for Board Members


Governance is perhaps one of the most important aspects of modern day boardroom practice, with NEDs considered to be the shapers, drivers and custodians of sound Governance. Combined with the other modern day boardroom key skills such as Risk Management, aspiring and practicing NEDs need to demonstrate an understanding of these two critical and in-demand boardroom skills.

When transitioning to a NED position, many executives feel unprepared and even overwhelmed by the key competencies and skills required such as Governance, Risk, Audit and Strategy, to name but a few.

This course is designed to open the door to the boardroom by giving NEDs an insight and understanding of these topics, through building an awareness of the responsibilities, accountabilities and the perspectives an NED needs in Governance and Risk Management and how these are managed and overseen at board level. 

The content of the two days focus on what the board member needs to know with regards to the good running of a legal entity, including understanding the basics of Governance, obligations under regulations, accountabilities, setting the tone and culture, and understanding Risk Management from the perspective of the board.

Delivered virtually over 2 half days Presented by experts in the field

Course content

3 Sections • Total hours 2hrs

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Having spent many years working globally for the likes of multinational manufacturing giant Siemens and NYSE listed Wipro at executive level, Grant brings vast commercial experience to his work as a course leader, trainer, advisor and board member. He works with a range of organizations and boards to build risk, resilience and governance capability and a culture of challenge, and is currently an advisor specializing in Risk, Governance and Workplace Culture and how these key elements can be used to drive organizational performance and success.

At the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, he assisted many clients in developing effective responses by focussing on risk, crisis management and governance as part of building sustainable performance and future-proof enterprises.

In addition to his advisory work, Grant is a Member of the Institute of Directors and a Global Ambassador for the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and works extensively with organizations to grow and develop their understanding of enterprise risk management and its role in strategic management and organizational resilience.

Module 1

The role of the Board Member - understanding what it involves and what it means:

  • Gaining an Board Member perspective
  • Engaging effectively with fellow directors and executive teams
  • Board committees
  • Governance & risk oversight


Governance - understand what it is, why it’s important, what Board Members need to know:

  • Understanding Governance
  • The legal aspects
  • Going beyond the minimum to drive ethical and sustainable practices
  • What does “good Governance” look like?


Risk Management - develop an understanding and the necessary skills needed for boardroom success:

  • Establishing the Board Members' role in managing risks
  • The Board’s accountabilities
  • Aligning Risk with Governance, Compliance & Regulation, Strategy and Operations
  • Practical risk management and challenging the status quo
  • Reporting

Module 2

Combining Governance and Risk - develop an understanding as to how these two key areas relate and interact:

  • Governance and Risk Management as drivers of value and sustainability
  • Building trusted relationships
  • The Governance/Risk Management Continuum 


Culture & Setting the Tone - understanding how to drive stronger insights, accountability and transparency:

  • Why organizational culture is critical to success
  • Setting the right tone for effective Governance and Risk
  • The NED and developing the organization’s culture


Reporting - understanding the key Governance and Risk related reporting requirements and the NED and board’s role in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of Governance and

Risk reporting:

  • Approaches to and value of reporting
  • Accountabilities of Board members


  • Suitable for non-executive directors & aspiring board members

Learning outcomes

Full comprehension of the role of an NED and what it involves, as well as an understanding of Risk Management and Governance and how this can affect the board and reporting.

Understand their legal obligations as an NED Gain a better understanding of risk and reporting within the boardroom
This course includes:
  • 2 hour on-demand footage
  • 2 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • 2 group sessions
  • Certificate of completion

Start Date

  • 14th September 2022