Neurozone® Advanced Course for Coaches

Learn how to align your coaching approach to our Model of Brain Performance principles, distinguishing your impact and standing above the rest as both a model and facilitator of brain / body system optimization for high performance.

Neurozone® Advanced Course for Coaches


By blending behavioral brain diagnostics, neuroscience insights and robust coaching methodologies, the Neurozone® Advanced Course will teach you how to support individuals and teams to become the best version of themselves. 

The twelve-week course comprises a six-week online course covering the theory of behavioral neuroscience and drivers of brain performance that inform Resilience and High Performance Readiness; followed by six weekly live training sessions taking you through the practical integration of neuroscience theory into your coaching practice. 

The first six weeks will require an element of self-study required through detailed podcasts and webinars presented by our thought leader, Dr Etienne Van Der Walt, an accomplished neurologist, cognitive neuroscientist, and authority in early childhood brain development. The live training sessions are facilitated by Dr Chrisna Swart, a trained and qualified neuroscientist and coach. 

This 12-week Neurozone® Advanced Coaching Course will teach you how to support individuals and teams to become the best version of themselves by bringing together:

Behavioral brain diagnostics

Neuroscience insights

Robust coaching methodologies

ICF Continuing Coach Education accredited Presented by Dr. Etienne Van Der Walt, an accomplished neurologist, cognitive neuroscientist, and authority in early childhood brain development Facilitated by Dr. Chrisna Swart, a trained and qualified neuroscientist and coach Cutting-edge training to help you become a truly neuroscience-informed coach

Course content

12 Sections • Total hours 41hrs

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Connect with like-minded coaches who are interested in real, credible neuroscience. Our training depends on the collaboration of the Neurozone® Coaches community worldwide, something which you will have full access to. Our coaches continue to partner and liaise with other Neurozone® Coaches and us beyond the training for optimised client matching, referrals, and skills development.

Case study sessions

These sessions are exclusively for our Neurozone® Advanced Coaches, and allow you to learn about how other global coaches are applying the Neurozone® methodology to achieve breakthroughs with their clients. Coaches are also welcomed to bring problem cases to the table for collaborative problem-solving.


Introduction Positioning brain performance From wellness to high performance

Module 1

Brain basics Model of brain performance Thriving

Module 2

Unpacking the 10 drivers of brain performance

Practical Session 1

  • Chronic stress
  • Resilience
  • Self-leadership
  • Problem solving
  • How to use the Neurozone® Methodology in companies

Practical Session 2

  • Translate
  • Review theoretical component
  • The underlying neuroscience principles of the brain / body system represented in multiple coaching approaches and coaching languages
  • Relating the drivers of brain performance to the coachee’s personal goals

Practical Session 3

  • Mindfulness
  • Tools to measure the effects of behaviour change for optimised goal setting and achievement
  • Objective self-observation to enhance self-awareness
  • The neuroscience underlying a mindful way of being

Practical Session 4

  • High performance energy
  • The ways in which reward centres in the brain facilitate habit formation and behaviours
  • Practical coaching guidelines to optimise goal setting
  • Behaviours that boost vs. deplete energy for high performance

Practical Session 5

  • Connection
  • The neuroscience underlying human connection and how it relates to resilience and high performance
  • Behaviours that inform social safety and collective creativity related to high-performance energy and transformation
  • Practical tools for optimising the social safety of the coach-coachee relationship

Practical Session 6

  • Action
  • How behaviours are formed
  • How to approach changing behaviours for transformation
  • The Neurozone® Coaching Model
  • Practical guidelines for incorporating the principles of behavioural neuroscience into coaching practice

Practical Session 6

  • Integration: Coaching process design
  • Sharing of neuroscience-integrated coaching approaches
  • Group discussions on practice design going forward


  • Suitable for qualified coaches. Qualifications should be to postgraduate certificate or higher in the UK qualification framework

Learning outcomes

This course will help you gain coachable insights into the neuroscience of mindfulness and high performance energy, help you offer unique and effective coaching solutions that will transform individuals and teams and help you optimize your brain-body system and propel your coaching to the next level

Gain deep insights into the workings of the brain and how the brain / body system functions to build resilience for individuals, teams and organizations Opportunity to join our global community of coaches for enhanced networking opportunities
This course includes:
  • 41 hour on-demand footage
  • 6 articles
  • 6 downloadable resources
  • 11 group sessions
  • Certificate of completion