Passport to Executive Success

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Passport to Executive Success


This is the program where practice meets theory.


The Passport to Executive Success program allows participants to understand the theory of how to find their way to the right role and also focuses on providing opportunities to test themselves in a safe yet challenging environment. Many people find themselves frustrated at their lack of success in job applications without understanding why as recruiters rarely acknowledge applications and even more rarely provide feedback. Not only that, candidates often leave interviews with a feeling that they could have done better but without understanding where they went wrong and, crucially, what they need to change in order to succeed next time.

This 5-week course is the opportunity to experiment and try out your own skills as well as observing and learning from others. Success will come from a willingness to participate and engage. This is not a course for people who want to learn from PowerPoints or ‘chalk and talk’. This is for those people who want to learn how to improve fast and who want to know how to make the right kind of impact that will lead to executive success.

Tailor-made to meet the demands of our clients who are facing career change and would like support to open up new opportunities to maximize their chances of success. Virtual delivery Diverse learning groups from a mixture of sectors and industries Real life case studies, examples and role play with handouts and exercises to take into the “real world”

Course content

5 Sections • Total hours 5hrs

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Module 1

Working out what you have to offer. Understand what is required in terms of skills, attributes, plus what documentation you need to be aware of. You will then work to define what your personal style is, how it fits the needs of the role as well as where the gaps lie and what you might do.

Module 2

Behaviors and personal styles that supported previous success may need to be adapted in a new role. This course will provide skills and techniques, allowing you to behave in a way that supports the success in the new environment. The elevator pitch will also be discussed with the task to produce a new pitch for yourself.

Module 3

Applying for roles and knowing how to translate your talents to meet the needs of the job brief. This webinar will look at real job advertisements and will be a demanding interactive workshop on how to understand what the organization is looking for. It will then move on to learning to identify what you have in your skill set that will match those needs.

Module 4

Clarity on your approach and application. During this session, course participants can openly ask the course facilitator and other participants any questions they may have about the application they drafted or the interview that will take place in Session 5.

Module 5

Preparing for an interview. This session will involve at least two mock interviews in a group session where you will play one of the roles in the room - either part of the interviewing panel, the applicant or the observer. You will gain the 360-degree view of life in an interview and understand how you can make a powerful impact, learning from the feedback of fellow participants.


  • Are you wondering what else you should be doing to identify new roles to fit the plan for your career? How should you present yourself and What are employers really looking for? How do you impress and how do you get the right fit for you and for them? If you are looking for a supportive and informative framework to help you launch or improve your career, this will give you what you need.

Learning outcomes

You will work in an interactive and challenging way that is always thought- provoking, supportive and informative. Pre-work and engagement with others between webinars will ensure that you gain maximum benefit from the live sessions.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses as an executive to maximize your chances of success Present yourself in the best light for prospective employers
This course includes:
  • 5 hour on-demand footage
  • 10 articles
  • 15 downloadable resources
  • 10 group sessions
  • Certificate of completion

Start Date

  • 17th August 2022