Qualification mentorship

Intensive 12-month, one-on-one coaching support to help you through your ILM qualification.

Qualification mentorship


Embarking on your ILM qualification can be daunting. Our qualification mentorship program provides you with a dedicated coach who will become your trusted guide throughout the process, offering a personalized and expert approach to tackling the challenges of today and creating a plan for tomorrow.  

Our coaches facilitate even the most difficult of conversations and offer a fresh, unbiased perspective, ensuring you have the confidence, self-awareness and mental attitude to achieve your full potential.

12-months guidance through your qualification Regular monthly sessions with your mentor, providing guided actions between sessions Coaches accredited by one or more coaching federations Personalized qualification action plan over 12-months

Course content


An initial questionnaire to establish your current stages and any potential blockers.

Introduction to your coach

Your first session establishes the 12-month plan.


Monthly progress check-ins with your coach.


Your coach will support you through the next 12-months until you reach your ILM qualification.


  • Suitable for those currently studying for an ILM Level 5 or Level 7 qualification (e.g. ILM Level 7 Certificate for Executive Coaches and Mentors)

Learning outcomes

This program will provide you with personalized, one-on-one coaching and a 12-month plan to reach your ILM qualification.

12-month action plan Reach qualification stage with the support of a one-on-one expert coach