Risk and ESG: A Board Members Perspective

This course has been built for those who want to grow their risk knowledge and understanding. It is suitable for a wide range of employees at multiple organizational levels across the globe, including Board Directors.

Risk and ESG: A Board Members Perspective


Our Corporate Governance and Risk course has been created to help those looking to grow their risk knowledge and is suitable for a wide range of people, including those already working in risk management roles, managers needing to gain valuable risk management capabilities and organizations looking to train their teams in risk management.

If you are an Board Director looking to work on Risk Committees, this course can be particularly useful in giving you the skills you need to understand terminology and processes involved in this area. 

This course is appropriate for an array of employees at multiple organizational levels across the globe and has already been delivered to firms within industries such as financial services, consumer organizations and energy businesses, as well as charities and NGOs.

The course is structured as 2 half days, delivered online by one of our expert team.

This program is delivered by Grant Griffiths MIoD M.ISRM AMEI CReC, a Global Ambassador for the London-based Institute of risk Management (IRM). Grant has over two decades of global risk, governance and transformation leadership experience as an executive and a board member with some of the world’s leading organizations. He has led complex risk transformation programs implementing ESG, risk / ERM, business continuity, resilience and corporate governance to clients operating in the energy, technology, engineering & construction and financial services sectors, as well as being a keynote speaker and conference panelist at numerous conferences throughout EMEA and SE Asia. Small and diverse learning groups of up to 20 people from different backgrounds and industries Virtual and flexible teaching 4 hour modules set over 2 days to allow individuals to maintain attendance alongside CPD

Course content

Module 1

  • Introduction to Risk & Risk Management
  • Why Manage Risk?
  • Principles
  • Risk Management’s Role in the Organization
  • Attributes of successful risk management

Module 2

  • Risk Management Process
  • Establishing the Context
  • Risk Communication
  • Assessment & Identification
  • Terminology
  • Case Study (interactive)

Module 3

  • Roles & Structures
  • Making Risk Management Effective
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Typical Structures

Module 4

  • Risk Treatments
  • Controls
  • Measurement Criteria
  • Prioritization of Risk Treatment
  • Exercise

Module 5

  • Risk Reporting & Governance
  • Describing Risks
  • Key Risk & Control Indicators (KRIs and KCIs)
  • Reporting
  • Exercise

Module 6

  • Risk Framework and Risk Culture
  • Frameworks
  • Commitment & Mandate and Embedding Risk Management
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Governance of Risk


  • This course is for Executives, senior managers, managers, strategy teams, audit leads & their teams, finance leads & their teams, IT & digital, operations, Anyone starting their career or looking to move into a career in risk management or Newly appointed Risk Champions looking to accelerate their risk skills

Learning outcomes

Attendees to this course will come away with an in-depth understanding of risk management, its theory and application in different organizations, regardless of the industry. They will understand deep insights and practical approaches for building risk intelligent organizations that are capable of dealing with different levels of complexity, with the agility and capability to plan, prepare and proactively respond to events.

Accelerate and build their risk skills Understand Risk Management’s role in an organization and the attributes of successful risk management
This course includes:
  • 4 articles
  • 5 downloadable resources
  • 2 group sessions
  • Certificate of completion

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